Pre-clinical in vivo pharmacokinetic testing

We offer tailor-made pharmacokinetic testing on rats. We are well experienced and flexible to fulfill your specific needs.

Pre-clinical pharmacokinetic testing is offered mainly to address the pharmacokinetic properties of experimental molecules or to define in vivo performance of newly developed drug formulations.

Specific conditions/mechanisms may be also studied, e.g., food effect, determination of specific absorption mechanisms etc. 

Under non-GLP status, we can provide high flexibility and innovative solutions to conduct studies addressing very specific needs in relation to individual drug development projects.

While we are also able to perform more usual pre-clinical studies with parallel group comparisons or establishing average PK profiles, our prime interest and expertise lie in less usual study designs and conduct, e.g., adaptive study designs or study designs aiming to limit within study PK variability (e.g., cross over designs) etc. 

We have access to perform the right visualization by different analytical techniques

(ultrasound, MR, CT/PET/SPECT).

Why Kapaji?

  • We combine our knowledge and hand-on industrial experience.

  • We can prepare nonstandard tailor-made studies based on your needs.

  • From API to in vivo response: We can deliver the full-package.  API characterisation, solid form selection, reverse engineering for Gx products, up to preformulation trials and in vivo animal studies.

  • We have a partner for human in vivo studies, too.

Our quality/price ratio is unbeatable